The End FGM Podcast (Introduction)

The End FGM Podcast (Introduction)

  1. Meet Dr. Leyla Hussein Jeremiah Kipainoi
  2. Meet Ebony Riddell Bamber Jeremiah Kipainoi 24:23
  3. Meet Abdulmalik Abdi Jeremiah Kipainoi 30:10
  4. Meet Kasiita Mark Jeremiah Kipainoi 28
  5. Meet Caroline Letuya Jeremiah Kipainoi 26:47
  6. Meet Vincent Ogallo Jeremiah Kipainoi
  7. Meet Deborah Nabiki Jeremiah Kipainoi
  8. Meet Caroline Lanoi Nampaso Jeremiah Kipainoi 38:50
  9. Meet Jedidah Lemaron Jeremiah Kipainoi
  10. Meet Elias Muindi Jeremiah Kipainoi 34:10
  11. Meet Asenath Mwithigah Jeremiah Kipainoi 47:25
  12. Meet Godfrey Ochieng Jeremiah Kipainoi 33:51
  13. Meet Nimco Ali Jeremiah Kipainoi 15:23
  14. Meet Sadia Hussein (Part 1) Jeremiah Kipainoi 32:32
  15. Meet Sadia Hussein (Part 2) Jeremiah Kipainoi
  16. Meet Dorcas Parit Jeremiah Kipainoi
  17. Meet Samuel Leadismo Jeremiah Kipainoi
  18. Meet Peter Kemei Jeremiah Kipainoi
  19. Meet Gumato Guyo Jeremiah Kipainoi 42:03
  20. Meet Sonyanga Ole Ng'ais Jeremiah Kipainoi 36:20
  21. Meet Brenda Dora Jeremiah Kipainoi 44:19
  22. Meet Antonia Waskowiak Jeremiah Kipainoi 32:17
  23. Meet Catherine Thiakunu Jeremiah Kipainoi 39:36
  24. Meet Ruth Jepchumba Jeremiah Kipainoi 34:59
  25. Meet Tony Mwebia Jeremiah Kipainoi 27:34

This podcast features people working in individual and organizational capacities in Kenya and beyond. They share their experiences, successes, failures and lessons learnt in the Anti FGM Campaign.

About the host
Jeremiah Kipainoi is an award-winning multimedia journalist and a fellow of the Salzburg Global Seminar. He tells human-interest stories, using media as an agent of change. His mission is to channel the power of the creative mind towards positive social change. “For meaningful change to be made, one must first imagine how the future will look like. We can harness the power of the internet and technology to collaborate, imagine and make the world a better place.” ~Jeremiah Kipainoi

According to the World health Organization, Female genital mutilation (FGM) comprises all procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.

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Jeremiah Kipainoi is a Communication for Development expert that makes films, transcriptions, podcasts, online strategies, and radio content to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Kenya, Somalia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Guinea Bisau, Mali, The Gambia, Senegal, Mauritania, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Liberia, and tackles climate change through resilience building, and championing for community-led development.

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  1. Mercy

    Liked the challenging interview.
    What you are doing requires great sacrifice and patience to see change in communities Kudos and continue the great fight and more are going to join & support the end of FGM. True description of ” tenda mema nenda zako”

  2. Laissa Malih

    Great stuff you got there…continue fighting for our sisters back at home. Looking forward to join you sometime in one of the campaigns to end FGM.

  3. Semeiyan kaorri

    Good job

  4. Help end FGM, its even against the Holly Bible. I have seen affects to my young sisters.
    Fight! fight! fight…never stop until its STOPPED.

  5. Kate kate

    Continue in that spirit if had people of your kind FGM could have come to an end but still we can fight together kudos

  6. kaka sam

    Good job. God bless you!

  7. Ponciano Odongo

    Again good work. Keep saving lives of our innocent sisters

  8. Rich

    Great initiative. Keep it up brother.

  9. Collins Orono Etyang

    Great Job always bro, very inspiring indeed, lets continue fighting for the voiceless against discriminatory vices

  10. Rogers Odima

    Congratulations for the good work

  11. Rama

    This is a great inspiration. Keep this spirit higher.

  12. Esther Muchiri

    Great stuff Jeremiah. Listening to Ruth who escaped the cut and the trauma she went through… Yet still managed to pursue a desire to make change is commendable. Her story speaks to and challenges those who have a “sleeping” dream reawaken it.

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