E3 Running an online and offline anti FGM campaign with Catherine Thiakunu

Catherine has been rallying different organizations, the media and individual activists towards FGM-caused deaths in Meru county. Among them is #FGMKilledJelida, which broke traditional culture and had a childless girl being buried in Igembe, Meru County. She is the founder, Care Health Providers. ABOUT #FGMKilledJelida Jelida, a 14-year-old, died from FGM type 2 and was […]

FGM Killed Jelida

JELIDA, a 14-year-old, took her last breathe battling a sacred wound she was forced to acquire. Jelida ailed, was forced to bear the pain, and shame. ‘Shame’ which she did not bring to herself. She suddenly became a sin… she became a bad omen. She was disowned!… disowned to the last minute, and was checked […]