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Kajiado does not need a university

Not when we still depend on potatoes from Kiambu!!!
We are so used to “helping our people,” …” getting more of our sons to tertiary education levels.”

This savior mentality, “doing for our people,” instead of supporting our people in what they are already doing is going to drag pastoralists behind, give them a development gap bigger than how New York has left Kondele village.

First, this is neither a wise political nor socioeconomic move. If it is a bid to pay back election sponsors, the bill might still not fit the sack!

This is why.

  • The university won’t be done and running in 2022, epuo soito oo mepuo! 
  • There will be nothing to show Mr. Governor. What we shall have is disgruntled supporters who feel you haven’t given back enough. Refer to Dr. Nkedienye.
  • There is nothing like a Maasai of Kajiado university. See Masai Mara University, and who is teaching/learning there.
  • There is nothing like local lecturers! We even don’t have those local ones! A university that guarantees admission, even without qualification cultivates laziness in the county. It is a hub of strikes and irrational stakeholders. 
  • Strive to build a university founded on competition and inclusiveness.
  • Umma has barely opened, KCA, East Africa and many other universities in Kajiado are not overflowing with students. Or are they?
  • Kajiado Poly is barely standing on both feet. How about working on those first, and save some money for long term investments?
  • There is nothing like cheap, University is university, regulated by bodies that manage others, either privately or not. Unless you plan to fund using Tanzania’s Ujamaa system, using fees collected from Amboseli, the sons and daughters of milk, blood and meat will still sell their nkoron to finance their academics. This doesn’t, really, save the education situation in Kajiado. If the government plans to fund this one from the annual budget alocated to the county, wait for a “Mumias-sugar situation.”

We are in a capitalistic nation. Philanthropy may not work in Kenya. Not with the meagre funds we now have!

We recently had a long argument with my brother Sonyanga Ole Ngais about this and this came up!

Who built America?
Was it not the guys who made the tea party thing happen? Were they from America? 

Who built Dubai?
Were it not the sons of blacksmiths and daughters of coal, from all corners of the world?

Tell me, who placed South Africa where it is now?
Was it not the seed that cultivated Africaans?

What did the natives contribute in? 

Excavating coal in sooty mines

Wallowing in murky waters with stains of oil leaks

Worked in the hot sun, in the wheat and barley, dates and sisal, sank irrigation pipes, guarded farms against the “thieving” locals, sank wells, pushed carts carrying their masters, bosses from a foreign land.


I won’t go into that!

This is my take.

  • Trying to leave a legacy by building a haven, so that we can say Kajiado has a university, built by Governor Lenku, pouring billions into a project that may be squandered by your friends, is both socially immoral and politically unwise. It will haunt you sir.
  • Kajiado East has only one tarmaced road. Nairobi-Namanga. 
  • Give us infrastructure and empower the people. University will not empower the locals. Kuyiaa will never see the inside of a classroom. Never! Majority will be “outsiders…”
  • The locals would only benefit in selling students mboga, which you know is a business the Maa progeny loaths.
  • Why not invest in roads, open up places like Magadi, localize Magadi Soda trade, (what happened to the lease BTW?) I thought it ended…
  • We need that tax like now!
  • Open up places like Mosiro, fund mineral exploration and open up such sites. Smoothen roads that lead to money-generating resources, even those found in private lands. Invest in fairs around Amboseli…
  • Invest in the local people, connect mamas to bead buyers, pipe their homes and teach them how to strengthen breeds. Improve the quality of their cattle…

At least you are sure of those votes, and you may be voted back in 2022. Invest in slaughterhouses, markets, water points, civic education… Stop doing, doing, doing…for the people. Support what they are already doing.

That’s what we need sir.

Not concrete!



Jeremiah Kipainoi is a multimedia journalist and fellow, Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change. His background in journalism has drawn him into telling human-interest stories, using media as an agent of change.

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  1. Ole Tardoi

    Were will I get your books and am at Nyeri?

    1. Kipainoi

      I have not published one yet on hard copy, but please find a soft copy here

  2. Calequ Lawrence

    If only they could buy your ideas Kajiado would be an epitome of development where others can emulate
    Very thrilling insights

    1. Kipainoi

      Thank you Lawrence. This means a lot!

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