E12 Funding the Frontline in the fight against FGM, with Nimco Ali

E12 Funding the Frontline in the fight against FGM, with Nimco Ali

Nimco Ali, OBE. is a Somali social activist. She is co-founder and CEO of The Five Foundation, an Africa-led partnership to end female genital mutilation. She spoke to me in Senegal, on trusting Africans in leading the fight against FGM in Africa. She says that it is important to speak to people in power and empower women in the frontlines.

Twitter: @nimkoali
Nimco’s Podcast Quotes
@nimkoali: We need to trust Africans, we need to fund Africans and not undermine our own legitimacy to be at the front seats! #EndFGMPodcast #PodsNBO Cc: @SaropaTimpiyian @TonyMwebia Click To Tweet
@nimkoali: Nothing happens without the people in power taking FGM on #EndFGMPodcast #PodsNBO Click To Tweet
@nimkoali: If they don't give you a seat, bring your own, sit down and have those conversations #EndFGMPodcast #PodsNBO Click To Tweet
@nimkoali: You must lead for the most vulnerable in the world, and there is nothing more vulnerable than girls! #EndFGMPodcast #PodsNBO Click To Tweet
@nimkoali: Believe in yourself, demand the access you are entitled to and do not undersell yourself. #PodsNBO #EndFGMPodcast Click To Tweet
@nimkoali:This is not about AID mentality. It is about investment. We need to invest in Africa and see how other countries developed to develop in the same way #EndFGMPodcast #PodsNBO Click To Tweet
#EndFGMPodcast Quotes ~@nimkoali: FGM can end, it is a tangible reality, but we have to collectively raise our voices, local solutions for local problems, African solutions for African problems. #PodsNBO Cc: @SaropaTimpiyian @TonyMwebia Click To Tweet
#EndFGMPodcast Quotes ~@nimkoali: My niece had just been born, and I wanted her to be protected from FGM as a British citizen. #PodsNBO Cc: @SaropaTimpiyian @TonyMwebia Click To Tweet
#EndFGMPodcast Quotes ~@nimkoali: I call myself the chief fanny defender, and I use a lot of humour because FGM can be so horrible #PodsNBO Cc: @SaropaTimpiyian @TonyMwebia Click To Tweet
#EndFGMPodcast Quotes ~@nimkoali: I do lots of serious stuff but never take myself that seriously #PodsNBO Cc: @SaropaTimpiyian @TonyMwebia Click To Tweet
#EndFGMPodcast Quotes ~@nimkoali:Africa is my roots. My role in the movement is giving global leadership and global conversations to the issue of ending FGM... lobbying using my political voice, telling world leaders that I am one of the… Click To Tweet
#EndFGMPodcast Quotes ~@nimkoali: I've always had a top-down approach towards these people. You must lead for the most vulnerable in the world, and there is nothing more vulnerable than girls! #PodsNBO Cc: @SaropaTimpiyian @TonyMwebia Click To Tweet
#EndFGMPodcast Quotes ~@nimkoali: It's not going to cost the Kenyan government any money, really to #EndFGM but it will add to their GDP, economy and investment #PodsNBO Cc: @SaropaTimpiyian @TonyMwebia Click To Tweet
#EndFGMPodcast Quotes ~@nimkoali: If you break girls at the age of five the idea of them getting educated, having a healthier, more-productive life breaks. #PodsNBO Cc: @SaropaTimpiyian @TonyMwebia Click To Tweet
#EndFGMPodcast Quotes ~@nimkoali: If we think about Africa as a corporation, if you want good employment, good workforce and products coming out of your continent, you have to ensure that your workforce is happy and healthy #PodsNBO Cc:… Click To Tweet
#EndFGMPodcast Quotes ~@nimkoali: It is not fair for men too. Not all men are committing these crimes but all men are suffering the consequences #PodsNBO Cc: @SaropaTimpiyian @TonyMwebia Click To Tweet
#EndFGMPodcast Quotes ~@nimkoali: Economic empowerment is important and equality is good for everybody. #PodsNBO Cc: @SaropaTimpiyian @TonyMwebia Click To Tweet
#EndFGMPodcast Quotes ~@nimkoali: FGM is only going to end when women in the communities are empowered. #PodsNBO Cc: @SaropaTimpiyian @TonyMwebia Click To Tweet
#EndFGMPodcast Quotes ~@nimkoali: We need to provide for the women already cut and give them the ability to protect their daughters. They can't do that without financial security, empowerment, education #PodsNBO Cc: @SaropaTimpiyian… Click To Tweet
#EndFGMPodcast Quotes ~@nimkoali: There is nothing wrong in believing in African women. Incredible businessmen and financiers believe in that conversation because I have knocked on doors #PodsNBO Cc: @SaropaTimpiyian @TonyMwebia Click To Tweet
#EndFGMPodcast Quotes ~@nimkoali: A prosperous Africa is good for everybody #PodsNBO Cc: @SaropaTimpiyian @TonyMwebia Click To Tweet
#EndFGMPodcast Quotes ~@nimkoali: If you do not want people to flee Africa, invest in it differently #PodsNBO Cc: @SaropaTimpiyian @TonyMwebia Click To Tweet
#EndFGMPodcast Quotes ~@nimkoali: Allow Africa to develop, do not come here to develop brands! #PodsNBO Cc: @SaropaTimpiyian @TonyMwebia Click To Tweet
#EndFGMPodcast Quotes ~@nimkoali: I want Africa to do well, that the last 4000 years of history, culture and beautiful things done to outlive the brutality of FGM and what we do to our girls #PodsNBO Cc: @SaropaTimpiyian @TonyMwebia Click To Tweet
#EndFGMPodcast Quotes ~@nimkoali: We shall not achieve SDGs, climate change when FGM is still evident #PodsNBO Cc: @SaropaTimpiyian @TonyMwebia Click To Tweet

According to the World Health Organization, Female genital mutilation(FGM) comprises all procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or another injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.

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Jeremiah Kipainoi is a Communication for Development expert that makes films, transcriptions, podcasts, online strategies, and radio content to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Kenya, Somalia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Guinea Bisau, Mali, The Gambia, Senegal, Mauritania, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Liberia, and tackles climate change through resilience building, and championing for community-led development.

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  1. Kelvin Kimaili

    Keep up the good job Kipainoi.

  2. Anna

    Would anybody find posters against FGM useful?
    Picture is a woman surgeon in an operating theatre.
    ‘This is the only place a healthy girl should be in an operating theatre’.
    I can send artwork for free.
    Being used in Northern Ghana. Email me anna_cleaves@yahoo.co.uk

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