FGM Killed Jelida

JELIDA, a 14-year-old, took her last breathe battling a sacred wound she was forced to acquire. Jelida ailed, was forced to bear the pain, and shame. ‘Shame’ which she did not bring to herself.

She suddenly became a sin… she became a bad omen. She was disowned!… disowned to the last minute, and was checked into a facility… one that… well… the last place she ever entered alive.

She died, of type 2 FGM and a million+ aliens that invaded her frail body. She did not see Christmas… even Jamuhuri was a day of shackles… and the government neglected her. As everyone stood, both feet firm on the ground, together, singing in praise of the warriors… of Mau Mau, Namelok, the daughter to no one, was fading out.

There were no warriors to fight for her… they came a little late, on radio and on TV.

She died.


She lay cold, with a tag around her ankle. She became a statistic. OB17/16/12/2018 “Another girl was brought in today. She died of a bad omen.” They said!

Her parents vanished.
Her extended family disowned her.

She can’t even get a burial ground to appease her painful sleep. They are ‘afraid’ of her angry spirits. “We can’t burry her here,” they say. “She will finish us all!”

  • The media knows
  • The Anti FGM Board Knows
  • The ODPP knows
  • The County Government of Meru knows
  • The Nchuri Ncheke knows
  • DCI Knows
  • You and I know

    We all know that Jelida is not the only one dead… in Meru and without.

    We know that people are protecting themselves and trying to diffuse the story
    That her parents can be found
    That the cutter can be found
    That the chief and his assistant can be found

That there is an ACT that PROHIBITS FGM in our Kenyan constitution.

#FGMKilledJelida in Meru… even after Nchuri Ncheke made two declarations… even when we have two ministers from the Meru Community directly involved in dealing with such issues. Prof. Margaret Kobia Cabinet Secretary – Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs and Director of Criminal Investigations, Mr. George Kinoti… It killed Jelida, and many other Jelidas are dying… and declared bad omens, in more than 22 counties in Kenya.

Have they even told you?

We MUST give Jelida a decent send off and appease her spirit by bringing those involved to the book!

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Jeremiah Kipainoi is a multimedia journalist and fellow, Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change. His background in journalism has drawn him into telling human-interest stories, using media as an agent of change.

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