E6 Nurturing agents of change through sport and film, with Sonyanga Ole Ng’ais

E6 Nurturing agents of change through sport and film, with Sonyanga Ole Ng’ais

Sonyanga Ole Ng’ais has been playing cricket for advocacy, shining light to the Laikipia Maasai community as well as Kenya on an international scale. Through cricket, and an award-winning anti-FGM documentary, Sonyanga is addressing FGM from the lens of the custodians of the culture. He has founded the Maasai Cricket ladies as well as Selenken E Maa Films, which enables young Maasai Girls to air their voices! “Selenken e Maa films helps them speak out for themselves, and sports gives them a platform to speak, not just for the community, but address the whole world through media coverage. He says. “Our girls need peer role models, so that they can have someone to mirror themselves with.”

According to the World health Organization, Female genital mutilation(FGM) comprises all procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.

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Jeremiah Kipainoi is a multimedia journalist and fellow, Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change. His background in journalism has drawn him into telling human-interest stories, using media as an agent of change.

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  1. I proud of what you are doing keep it up

  2. Encouraging, domesticated solutions.

  3. Shukran sana kwa kuangazia makala kama haya ya kutia moyo ili kuwasaidia hawa kina dada.
    Moyo wangu hujawa na furaha kiasi kisichosemeka ninapoona jamii ikijengeka na kuwa dhabiti kutokana na miradi kama hii.

    Kazi nzuri kweli!!

  4. Indeed very encouraging. Keep up the good work!

  5. Sonyanga ole ngais,a vibrant worrior ,a mentor and an agent of change ,keep being you bro ,you are an inspiration to many,good job mate

  6. great job..keep it up

  7. soo encouraging Jeremiah

  8. Kipainoi this is excellent!
    Thanks for creating a platform to address FGM issues and empowerment of girls.
    Keep up the great work!??

  9. That is very amazing and great..you give me a motivation to go on with my anti-FGM film project ….you are an inspiration

  10. This is very informative! As a maasai I agree that theres a barrier when it comes to young people addressing elders in the community. We actually need serious role models whom girls can look up to. I am excited to learn that girls want to thrive, they speak up whenever they sense danger. This is progress in Maa Land.
    Excellent job Kipainoi?

  11. Great move There Jerry

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