Antonia Sophia Waskowiak decided to volunteer in Kenya when she was 18 years young and still attending High School. “I didn’t know, that this work camp would determine my life”, she says today, “during my first time in Kuria, Kenya, I got to learn the values of life and I had to realize that not every human being can access them, such as it should be. I could not sit down and watch how others are suppressed, mutilated, married as children and abused!”

She has been living with the Kurian community, understanding and observing, why a girl child is not given all its rights for granted. The lack of education has been a huge gap, which she since then tried to find solutions for.

Through her strong and incredible will, passion and hope, Antonia Sophia raised a primary school and founded the charitable, community-based organisation Zinduka.

Zinduka empowers children through education and brings an end to FGM.

“The effects of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) on the health of a young girl, whether we are speaking of her physical, sexual, reproductive or psychological health are serious and long lasting. To effectively eliminate this practice, we must enlist not only the child herself, but also gain the support of her family, and her community as a whole”, says Antonia Sophia Waskowiak.

Twitter: @SophiaWaskowiak
Antonia’s #EndFGMPodcast Quotes

When I first came to Kenya at 18 years, I wanted to know more about FGM. I came through an exchange programme between Kenya and Germany. We were working with a primary school, talking to families and children about FGM. ~… Click To Tweet
As a white person talking to the community in English, telling them to stop practicing FGM, we were chased away. ~ @SophiaWaskowiak #EndFGMPodcast Quotes Cc: @SaropaTimpiyian @TonyMwebia #EndFGM #PodsNBO Click To Tweet
I saw you that it was not easy to tell anyone to stop doing what they have been doing, especially as a white person. ~ @SophiaWaskowiak #EndFGMPodcast Quotes Cc: @SaropaTimpiyian @TonyMwebia #EndFGM #PodsNBO Click To Tweet
Education is a key to overcome harmful cultural practices. I worked with a school where we built four classrooms through financial help from family and friends back in Germany. ~ @SophiaWaskowiak #EndFGMPodcast Quotes Cc: … Click To Tweet
In 2016 I founded the organization Zinduka in Germany, with a slogan Education Against Mutilation. We joined the Anti FGM work and hosted the girls during school holidays. ~ @SophiaWaskowiak #EndFGMPodcast Quotes Cc: @SaropaTimpiyian… Click To Tweet
We teach the girls many things, and empower the parents. Parents have to see the benefits of educating their children. ~ @SophiaWaskowiak #EndFGMPodcast Quotes Cc: @SaropaTimpiyian @TonyMwebia #EndFGM #PodsNBO Click To Tweet
We don’t just talk about FGM, we empower communities on agriculture and how to save the money they get to take their daughters to school. ~ @SophiaWaskowiak #EndFGMPodcast Quotes Cc: @SaropaTimpiyian @TonyMwebia #EndFGM #PodsNBO Click To Tweet
When we end those camps, the parents are really grateful. We could see this ARP has been appreciated by the community. ~ @SophiaWaskowiak #EndFGMPodcast Quotes Cc: @SaropaTimpiyian @TonyMwebia #EndFGM #PodsNBO Click To Tweet
We have Zinduka clubs where children talk about issues they face. We are coming together with other organizations to have an exchange programme where we focus on community empowerment. ~ @SophiaWaskowiak #EndFGMPodcast Quotes Cc: … Click To Tweet
It was important for me to watch and learn from the community. For me coming to Kenya was the best feeling, it taught me a very big lesson and the people from the community are also learning something from me. ~ @SophiaWaskowiak… Click To Tweet
I wanted to take photos of the circumcisers who had taken a girl, was asked to take my phone away but it was too late. They were thinking I’m taking pictures to the police but a community elder intervened. ~ @SophiaWaskowiak… Click To Tweet
You have to work with the community itself, if you have people on the ground they will share the learnings with others. ~ @SophiaWaskowiak #EndFGMPodcast Quotes Cc: @SaropaTimpiyian @TonyMwebia #EndFGM #PodsNBO Click To Tweet
I never came and said I want to run a school, work in ending FGM and having a camp for the children, it just happened. ~ @SophiaWaskowiak #EndFGMPodcast Quotes Cc: @SaropaTimpiyian @TonyMwebia #EndFGM #PodsNBO Click To Tweet

According to the World health Organization, Female genital mutilation(FGM) comprises all procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.

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53 Responses

  1. Good job Jeremiah. You are among the Strong men who are role models towards ending FGM.

    Ending FGM is a collective responsibility and men have a critical role to play.
    Thumbs up

  2. I like how she used a non judgemental approach when dealing with the community. Having travelled back to observe and learn the culture of Kuria people then bringing change through education, shows shes very passionate about ending FGM. This podcast shows Kipainoi is a good listener from how you are connecting every question to what she’s saying throughout the conversation. We don’t have to be affected directly or come from communities that practice FGM to work towards ending this practice, passion and commitment is vital. This was Awesome Kipainoi keep it upwards!

  3. A right step towards the right direction.

    wonderful, for the efforts you have displayed towards ending the culture that doesn’t belong to anyone. End FGM.

    Thanks for your efforts

  4. I admire Antonia Waskowiak’s volunteering Journey it started at her early years when some of us are busy running after school and careers. She is a great inspiration not only to Germans but also to the native Kenyan People.

  5. I admire Antonia Waskowiak’s volunteering Journey it started at her early years when some of us are busy running after school and careers. She is a great inspiration not only to Germans but also to the young native Kenyan People.

  6. Amazing Kipainoi,yöu are very strong to fight for the end of FGM I appreactiate yöu for this atleast there is light for the girl child ,proud of Antonia because she is very passionate and concerned about the rights of a girl child ,i feel insipired as a girl from the Maa community who is a victim thank yöu very much

  7. I admire what you guys are doing ,thank you Jeremiah and Antonia for fighting for the girl child great inspiration to me as a girl it feels good to have people who can fight for the end of FGM in Kenya

  8. Jeremiah kipainoi is actually doing great job of ending FGM among various communities,,,,,,keep it up and God is with you great man,,,,,,, congratulations kipainoi,,,,,,

  9. Please keep up this amazing work! I never listened to podcasts much, until I got to know your channel!

  10. Zinduka is a well thought-out concept and its great to see volunteers like Antonia dedicate their efforts to make positive contributions to societies where FGM & Early marriages are prevalent. The podcast is very informative, it gives a clear first-hand account of the respondent. The interviewer also poses thought-provoking questions, which is a great way to engage the audience on the topic.

  11. You need to get in to tha grassroots where this FGM is being practice, this is a positive engagement to the community.

  12. It is so powerful to get to know that beyond culture and who we are as a people we see need and find ways to address it because at the end of the day we are just people. I salute Antonia and good job Sir Kipainoi, these are good strides to end FGM.

  13. Isn’t it awesome when men like Kip join to empower women. The fight against FGM is quite a long one but I know we shall win eventually. Thank you Kip.

  14. Great work for being a great warrior of change, who saw a difference in your own community and take the courage to address it!!! Go forward with my support brother.

  15. I love that Antonia took time to mingle with the Kuria community and understand their practices before starting her work to advocate for the end of FGM.

    Also, good job Jeremiah!! Great to see men involved in what is perceived to be a ‘women’s issue’, and to end harmful cultural practices.

  16. Good job bro .you are one amazing person fighting the injustices in our community.bravo.most of these young women face unthinkable obstacles just to be themselves, It’s Melody to my ears seeing and hearing you fight and champion for their are a blessing among men.we must unite in one voice and in action to fight these vices for they are jeopardizing their personal safety,freedom,risking the rejection of their families and communities .
    Let’s keep reminding them how valuable and precious they are for the measure of any society is how it treats it’s women, young and old.

  17. The shapers of our destiny are few but the whole generation reaps from their labour, be blessed

  18. This is amazing work bro. Am soooo proud of you. Thank you for changing the community. Thank you for changing the world. May God give you the strength to do muuch more.

  19. Good job Kipainoi. I’m so proud of you,, and all the best as you continue to amplify the voices of the communities, especially young women and the youth generally. Kudos!!

  20. ..Good job Jeremiah. Thanks you for sharing inspiring stories with the community. Keep it up

  21. Kipainoi,
    What can I say.. Having interacted with in this journey of FGM elimination, your burning desire to eliminate this menace is evident in your work.
    I like the way you’ve merged your passion and profession in this war against FGM.
    Keep the spirit up, media is a powerful tool to effect change.
    Cheers ?.

  22. Good job!
    FGM has been and still is one of the most abusive and oppressive tool used by patriarchy to suppress women in the name of tradition. We have come a long way even though there is still much to be done.

  23. This girl is a hero .she endangered her life when fighting against FGM in kuria kenya.i know how she began and how zinduka peaked. All odds that stand against her great passion will one day dwindle away i pray. Beat girl child suppression Antonia .lonh live . I’m Hillary Gekura and Doris Nasimiyu

  24. Thanks a lot Kipainoi for the great Interview and your passion about the girl child! Keep up with your work, it’s mandatory in our fight against FGM.

  25. Antonia,im always proud of your small and big capacity you have always acted as a mother, a sister, a mentor,someone who is always there for our girls..we have littles girls in germany too but you have chosen our own,we thank you and appreciate your efforts…we are proud of you and ready to continously hold your hand…@ Kipanoi…great Job when grow up i want to have a father like you 🙂

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