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Email marketing for Development

Course duration: 12m

Course Curriculum

Learn how to design a newsletter on google docs/ word
Learn how to organise your thoughts and arrange the placement of images, video text and buttons in a simple document

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Learn how to create a contact list on google sheets or excel
Learn how to create a file, open a google sheet/ excel document, create data fields like First name *|FNAME|*, last name *|LNAME|*, email, organisation etc. and how to add data in an organised way

Learn how to open and manage a free Mailchimp account
Learn how to register and fill important administrative and security fields on Mailchimp

Learn how to design a newsletter on the mailchimp platform
Learn how to create your first newsletter using the information and pictures earlier laid out on google docs.

Discover how to personalise emails using merge tags
Creatively add and manage information from your contact list on google sheets/ excel to speak to every email recipient as if you are speaking to them only (and not a general email to everyone)

Discover mailchimp audiences
Learn how to manage your audiences with tags and segments, and in advanced cases... how to manage your audiences.

Learn how to preview and send your newsletter
Ensure that all fields are completed, that they look good on the computer and on phone and sending it.

Learn how to measure the reach and impact of your newsletter
Discover metrics and track opens, link clicks and manage your inbox

Discover mailchimp automations
Learn how to manage new users and begin a conversation automatically

Discover mailchimp templates
Learn how to quickly design or adapt and re-use your email campaigns sent through Mailchimp

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