We hate dust, we hate rain

We hate dust, we hate rain #KitengelaChronicles 4:30 PM and I was riding through Kyang'ombe in Kitengela, hoping to make it safely to the main road (They say it's a"lil"…


FGM Killed Jelida

JELIDA, a 14-year-old, took her last breathe battling a sacred wound she was forced to acquire. Jelida ailed, was forced to bear the pain, and shame. ‘Shame’ which she did…


Maralal, don’t say you were not told!

I peep from the rough tank in Ng'ari, overlooking the dust-choking town of Maralal, enjoying the aroma of lost coins... the aroma of laxating khat from the wet side of Lowua Keri. I widen my nostrils to clear my gut of another morsel of lies and feigned loyalty. I light my pipe and shove some ash... a piece to my ancestors... and make a dash to dodge the fiery rage from the men that ate.


A sad day in Maralal

Last Sunday, I was in Maralal, a town I have seen so many, seemingly, or truly, crazy people. One shines my shoe and for the shining cream, applies a white…


Kajiado does not need a university

This savior mentality, "doing for our people," instead of supporting our people in what they are already doing is going to drag pastoralists behind, give them a development gap bigger than how New York has left Kondele village.


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