My Mission

My mission is to channel the power of the creative mind towards positive social change.

I believe that, for meaningful change to be made, one must first imagine how the future will look like. I believe that we can harness the power of the internet and technology to collaborate, imagine and make the world a better place.


I am a fellow, Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change. My background in journalism has drawn me to telling human-interest stories, using media as an agent of change. I have thorough research and mobilization skills, writing, producing and editing audiovisual content.

Organizations worked with

I believe in collaboration and creation of impact stories. I have worked with Corporate organizations, mainstream media and NGOs to come up with content that drives conversations. 


When we do things wholeheartedly, people recognize your efforts. I am humbled by the gesture showed by the different organizations I worked with and/or got shortlisted for awarding. Daystar University’s School of Communication, Languages and Performing arts (Class of 2016) Dean’s Award stands out for me. It teaches me that there is more to do with the knowledge we acquire in class settings.
Salzburg Global Seminar (Kenya)
Civic Life
Phone Videos (Minimalism)
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